eHarmony: Worth the price, or not?

screenshot of eharmony dating siteConsumers have a perception that something that is highly priced has more value. This has been true regardless of the actual quality of the product, and hence, when something is not selling well, often raising the price will fix the problem, ironically.

With online dating, the priciest service I’ve seen is eHarmony, where membership can cost you just a hair under $60 every month. And yet, they have grown to be one of the largest dating sites in the world, enjoying lots of recognition and success.

But is eHarmony worth the price of admission? Recently, I experimented with an eHarmony free trial offer to find out. By establishing a free account, I was able to take the infamous personality quiz and begin receiving matches that the eHarmony system would find for me. I was able to review these matches, and on average, I received anywhere from 1 – 3 matches a day.

Without a chance to compare the service to other similar ones (the only one I know of being, it’s hard to decide whether their matching technology warrants their high price. Granted, they did do a rather nice job of matching me with people I may be interested in, but is that not something I may be able to do myself on other, less expensive dating sites like

Go ahead and get a free trial account and let me know what you think. The free account (which you can get from will allow you to communicate for free on eharmony and get a free personality profile. One downside of having a free account, however, is that you are blocked from viewing images of your matches. This can be quite a hindrance, so if you intend to use eHarmony for your online dating, you would need to get a membership plan at some point.

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