Finding the best tires for your car

Tire Rack RebatesAt a certain point, all tires will need to be replaced. It’s best to be proactive about this rather than waiting until the last minute? Why? Because the last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire.

Experts agree that you should replace your tires when the tread depth wears down to less than 4/32 of an inch. There are a number of ways to measure this, with one well known one involving using a penny. Whatever method you use, you need to proactively monitor the amount of wear on your tires so you know when they need to be replaced.

Finding the best tires for your car is not hard if you have unlimited funds to spend on tires. But most likely, you are working with a budget. Expect to pay a minimum of $100 per tire if you want a decent set of radials. Sometimes, by using coupons or other promotional offers, you might be able to get a price that is lower than this. But I would resist the temptation to buy the cheapest tires out there, as tires play a role in the actual safety of your vehicle. They’re not something you should be skimping on.

You can ask your tire dealer for recommendations on tires, but most salespeople will be biased toward the tires that make them the most commission. A better way to get the lowdown on tires is by doing research online. Consumer sites are a good place to start, as are sites like Tire Rack and other tire-related sites that review tires on a regular basis.

When it comes time to actually purchase your tires, a good way to get discounts is by ordering online. As an example. I took advantage of Tire Rack offers many rebates, and prepaid cards for purchases you make online. To get the best Tire Rack deals, I recommend going to Such deals can frequently save you $60 – $80 on a full set of tires. In general, I recommend getting a full set, because by the time one of your tires needs to be replaced, the rest don’t have much life left in them anyway.