Gamefly Benefits

Video Games for Sale
I used to purchase video games, and given that there was a new game I wanted to play almost every month, this ended up being quite costly. On average, I was spending over a thousand dollars a year on video games. I was able to recoup some of this cost by eventually selling the games on Ebay, but this was always a bit of a hassle, and I wasn’t always the best about selling games that I no longer played. Another, easier option for selling the games was to go to Half Price Books, which would give me cash for the games. But they usually only paid a few dollars for the game, and I really did not make out too well doing that.

Eventually, I learned about an Internet service called Gamefly, and this service was a life saver. Basically, the service works in the following way. You make a list of games you want to play on the website. Gamefly then sends you those games, either one or two at a time. You play the games as long as you like, then return them, at which time the next games on the list are sent to you. All this only costs you a monthly membership that starts at $14.95. Given that I was spending over $60 a month before buying new games, this was an excellent bargain for me. I also was able to save a bit of money on the front end by using a Gamefly free trial from a web site called Free Trial Spot, and this trial gave me the first month of service free.

I have a Playstation, but Gamefly has games for many other platforms such as the Xbox 360. They even have games for some older platforms. You typically won’t have any issues renting newer releases. I am usually able to rent the games I want, although I’ve had to wait in a few cases. Overall, I am pleased with how little the service costs, and with how many games I am able to play with a membership. If you are still buying your own games, I encourage you to stop this expensive habit and get a Gamefly membership instead.