Minimize Printing Costs with Online Coupons

post cardsI often have to order professional printing for greeting card and invitations. Of course, I could make these myself to cut costs, but I find that if you pick the right printer, you can get some really high quality work done at a price that isn’t that much more than what you’d pay doing it yourself.

There are so many printing services to choose from these days that it’ll make your head spin. Your initial instinct may be to hire a well-known company such as Vistaprint. After all, they even have commercials for these guys and familiarity does breed a certain amount of trust. But I have found that it pays to shop around, especially if you want a good discount on your orders. You don’t want to go too cheap and sacrifice quality, but you do want to get the best deal possible. Don’t overlook smaller companies such as Printplace, which is actually a perennial favorite of mine.

That’s where online coupons come into play. It seems that big printing services always have some sort of special promotion going on. I typically hunt for a good quality coupon that will save me money, and go from there. A good place to find discounts for printing services is That’s the site I used recent to get some Printplace Coupons, which were I found online by using Google.

Professional cards are nice, but if you have a chance, why not send some handwritten cards? It’s a dying art, and I find that I rarely get them anymore, but when I do, I definitely take notice. It’s on my list of things to do in the future when I have a bit more time.