The best place to buy glasses and contacts

Old habits die hard, and we all have a habit of wanting to buy things we wear at physical stores. This can include glasses and contacts, but in my opinion, this can be a mistake, at least in so much as it concerns your wallet. For the lowest prices, the best place to buy contact lenses or glasses is from online stores.

Take contact lenses as an example. I go to a store called, where I get a low price guarantee on the contact lenses I purchase. In addition to that, I’m usually able to find some coupon codes from sites like The end result is that I end up paying less than half the retail price for my lenses.

The same is true for eyeglasses. If you buy from a store like Pearle Vision, you should expect to pay a minimum of $200, even for a mediocre pair. If you go to an online store like AC Lens, however, you can purchase glasses for as little as $20 or $30. You may automatically dismiss such lenses as cheap, but don’t make that mistake. I have purchased cheap glasses online that outlasted designer frames that cost ten times as much. And in terms of the way they look, you couldn’t really tell a difference.

Not everything that’s cheap is good, but in the case of glasses and contact lenses, I have found from my own experience that cheap is the smart way to go.